Repairing Damaged Cable Sheaths

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Repairing Damaged Cable Sheaths

Repairing Damaged Cable Sheaths

Have a damaged cable sheath or jacket? 

Look no further - Filoform have innovated, and made repairing a cable sheath simpler, stronger & hassle free. 

Introducing - FiloSlim Cable Sheath Repair System

Whilst repairing damage to the outer sheath of a cable may seem like a formality, it is often subject to unforeseen conditions. Particularly if the cable is to be buried or subject to severe environmental elements.

Recognise these situations - FiloSlim Cable Sheath Repair System can repair them quick & easily with NO heat or special tools.



The FiloSlim Cable Repair kit has been designed to accommodate all types of cable sheath, and to withstand the rigors of many applications.

EPR, XLPE, PVC, PILC LV, MV & HV cable sheaths

The unique Polyurethane Resin has been manufactured to offer protection in the harshest of conditions. Subsea, exposed to UV, wound onto cable drums and subject to attack by hydrocarbons within the petrochemical industry. The FiloSlim Repair Kit is designed to offer a multi-functional, single solution, suitable to all markets. Onshore, Offshore, Hazardous Area, Direct Buried, Subsea: all remedied by a single product.


No heat source > total mechanical protection,

suitable for low, medium and high voltage cables:




FiloSlim is a simple and effective method of repairing a damaged cable sheath & cable jacket. The flexibility of a quick and easy installation, coupled with the security of a long term seal against moisture, and the insurance of full mechanical protection.



Filoslim offers a welcome alternative to the historical heat shrink repair sleeves from, TE Connectivity/Raychem CRSM. Hellermann RMS and DSG-Canusa CRDW.


The totally enclosed mixing and pouring of the res via the nozzle and non return valve. 


Both the valve and outer tape wrap is removed easily at the end of the installation – offers a secure and safe method of work; even in the harshest of environments. From a pitching deck to a frozen landscape, Filoslim is quick, safe and easy to apply. No specialist tools. NO HEAT source or naked flame.

One kit to suit all cable diameters up to 170mm, and the ability to offer bespoke solutions beyond that. Sheath repair made simple.


Questions & Answers 

1, Can the blue injection valve be removed? Yes, the tape and valve can be de-laminted after 1 hour of dispensing the resin.


2, Is the resin flexible? Yes, the resin will flex but does require a little force.(Example below shows a 95mm 4 core un-armoured cable)

3, Will the FiloSlim cable sheath system repair work if the damage is through to the conductor? If we are talking about an LV cable, unarmoured, and with no damage to the conductor; we would say its fine. The conductor insulation being intact has retained the original integrity of the primary insulation within the cable; However, if the insulation around the conductor has been damaged, we would propose stripping back a section of the cable and exposing the damaged area but not cutting the cable. Over-taping this with self-amalgamating tape will restore the original integrity, and then the kit can be used from there.





  • No heat source required
  • No specialist tools
  • Enclosed mixing and pouring
  • Suitable for cables up to 170mm diameter as standard
  • Suitable for use as a moisture seal
  • Suitable for direct buried and vertical applications
  • Suitable as an outer seal on EPR, XLPE, PVC and PILC LV and MV cable sheaths
  • Void filling properties of the resin, negate the requirement for additional mastic tapes or gap fillers
  • Seawater resistant 
  • Hydrocarbon resistant
  • Kit contains all components required; including the resin, tape, nozzles and gloves
  • Can be de-laminated (tape and blue injection valve can be removed, when cured)

Please contact us by using this link, or email, alternativly give us a call on 0044 (0) 1189 886873 


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