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Cold Applied Technology - FiloShink - Coldshrink

The days of needing to use a hard-curing resin as an outer seal for cable joints have passed

1 year ago
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Filoform Duct Sealing Systems - MAC Products - USA

We are pleased to announce that Filoform has entered into an agreement with MAC Products Inc

1 year ago
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DUCT SEALING TIMES - 'Sealing the correct way, using FiloSeal+HD'​

Over the past 15 years Duct Sealing has become an important factor when designing and constructing new buildings; however, it remains both a task and a product that a lot of companies overlook and underestimate the time required to effectively seal ducts. 

1 year ago
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What is Fire Stopping?


Fire stopping definition is the sealing of any openings to prevent a fire. The primary goal of fire stopping is to prevent both smoke and heat from passing through gaps. 

1 year ago
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