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MD5 Duct Sealing System Vs DIY Expanding Foam

The use of expanding foam in construction & mainatenance projects in all industries has increased over time, but it faces major problems when applied wrong, or designed into a project where the foam specs doesnt match the requirements of the project. In this BLOG, we'll cover the reasons why expanding foam fails when sealing cable ducts and what you can do about it.

3 years ago
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Repairing Damaged Cable Sheaths

Do you need to repair a damaged cable sheath? Are you working in hazardoues areas?; is the repair subject to harsh conditions like, hydrocarbons, or sea water? If so, Please read our blog which introduces our new FiloSlim Cable Repair System, which requires no heat or naked flame. (alternative to the traditional method of using heatshrink wraparound sleeves)

4 years ago
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Cold Applied Technology - FiloShink - Coldshrink

The days of needing to use a hard-curing resin as an outer seal for cable joints have passed

5 years ago
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Filoform Duct Sealing Systems - MAC Products - USA

We are pleased to announce that Filoform has entered into an agreement with MAC Products Inc

6 years ago
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DUCT SEALING TIMES - 'Sealing the correct way, using FiloSeal+HD'​

Over the past 15 years Duct Sealing has become an important factor when designing and constructing new buildings; however, it remains both a task and a product that a lot of companies overlook and underestimate the time required to effectively seal ducts. 

6 years ago
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What is Fire Stopping?


Fire stopping definition is the sealing of any openings to prevent a fire. The primary goal of fire stopping is to prevent both smoke and heat from passing through gaps. 

6 years ago
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