LV Cable joints

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A wide range of cable jointing materials and accessories.

Cast resin joints Molded shells with a two-component resin to provide a electrical and mechanical... All products
Gel joints Pre-filled cable joint with a high quality silicon gel for a quick and easy... All products
FiloSlim LV cable joint The latest technology in making LV cable joints in any situation.  All products
Taped resin injection joint Universally applicable resin filled cable jointing system. All products
Junction box cable joint Easy to use cable joints for smaller (residential) cable connections. All products
Heat-shrink joints Reliable and easy to install. creates a slim protection around the cable... All products
Telecom joints Easy to apply cable joints developed for telecom and coaxial networks. All products
Connectors Ensures a reliable and sustainable connection. All products
Accessories Constant force springs, copper wire mesh, flat tinned braid and more.. All products