Wrap around sleeves

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  • Cable joints and cable terminations
  • Cables up to 1kV
  • Telecommunication
  • For indoor and outdoor use: underground, above ground, under water and in cable ducts
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  • Polyolefine cross linked
  • Fast recovery
  • Continuous temperature -40°C till +125°C
  • Excellent resistance against UV and chemicals
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Colour: black
Shrink temperature> 125°C 
Continuous temperature-40°C till +125°C 
Dielectric strength≥ 22 kV/mmASTM D 149-97a
Volume resistivity> 1 x 10¹⁴ ohm cmASTM D 257-98
Heatshock (225°C)No damageASTM D 2671-98
Tensile strength≥ 18 MpaASTM D 638-98
Elongation at break≥ 500%ASTM D 638-98
Water absorbtion≤ 0.5%ISO 62-86
Mould resistanceNo growthASTM G21-96 / ASTM D 638-98
Oil resistanceExecellentISO 175-99
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505540 Wrap around sleeve 126.0 > 47.0mm 2,0 Order unit per piece
505530 Wrap around sleeve 91.0 > 33.0mm 2,0 Order unit per piece
505520 Wrap around sleeve 68.0 > 24.0mm 2,0 Order unit per piece
505510 Wrap around sleeve 46.0 > 14.0mm 2,0 Order unit per piece
505500 Wrap around sleeve 30.0 > 6.0mm 2,0 Order unit per piece