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One of the reasons why ducts are sealed is to prevent running water getting into a building or enclosure. Often when faced with sealing a duct, this running water is still evident.

Our Filoseal Running Water Block system provides the user with a method of preventing the water from ruining any permanent sealing system whilst that system is installed. The kit provides a method of damming the water flow, controlling it and stopping it.

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Small kit
  • Non-hardening plastic waterproofing sealant.(Damming Putty)
  • 200mm length 15mm pipe
  • 15mm Emergency tap
  • Pipe insert to strengthen pipe when tap is fitted
Large kit
  • Non-hardening plastic waterproofing sealant.(Damming Putty) x 2
  • 200mm length 15mm pipe
  • 15mm Emergency tap
  • Pipe insert to strengthen pipe when tap is fitted
  • Remove the damming putty from the box, warm in the hands.
  • Meanwhile fit the tube, tap and pipe insert together, tap in open position.
  • Press the damming putty in the bottom of the duct to create a dam blocking the running water. This must be far enough down the duct to allow Filoseal+ to be fitted in front of it (80mm approx).
  • Press the pipe assembly into the damming putty ensuring the tap is clear of the duct front end and the back of the pipe is clear of the damming putty
  • Press more putty over the pipe onto the original damming putty.  This completes the water block
  • Ensure the duct in front of the dam is clean and dry
  • Fit the Filoseal+ in the normal manner in front of the water block dam
  • After the Filoseal+ has cured, (after approx. 8 days) turn the tap off.


  • Good electrical properties
  • Soft enough to be readily moulded round terminals or intricate contours or pressed into fine cavities.
  • Good adhesion to moulded plastic and other surfaces to resist the dislodging effects of vibration and to prevent moisture creepage along the interface.
  • Does not harden upon exposure to air or sunlight and does not shrink, crack or peel.
  • Readily removed and replaced for maintenance purposes.
  • Does not liberate toxic fumes even if overheated and is harmless to the hands.
  • Highly resistant to water permeation, acids and alkalis in liquid or vapour from under normal conditions.
  • No deleterious effect on metals and plastics or on natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC or other cables.
PropertiesUnitNominal Value
Dielectric Strength
kV / mm
Dielectric constant (K)

Volume Resistivity at 20ºC
8 x 1011
Temperature range
-20  to +80
Working voltage (maximum)
Specific gravity at 15.5ºC


Shelf life of 3 years under normal conditions of wrapping and storage. The damming putty must be stored in the original packing until required for use and must be protected from dust, heat moisture, direct sunlight and solvent fumes. Users are recommended to test the putty for its suitability in their particular application.

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Running water block

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