8.7/15(17.5)kV - Single Core MV Joints

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8.7/15(17.5)kV - Single Core - Filoform Medium Voltage Heatshrink Straight Cable Joints, are manufactured and tested in accordance with CENELEC 629.1.S2 & IEC 60502-4, and suitable for Indoor and Outdoor applications for 8.7/15(17.5)kV.

The Filoform range enables the installer to offer a complete solution, utilizing compression or mechanical connectors; and XLPE and EPR cable sheaths. Straight Cable Joints for Transition to PILC/PICAS are available on request.

The Filoform range of Straight Cable Joints is fully RoHS compliant.

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  • Complete with CTS/AWA armour kit as standard
  • Suitable for Compression and Mechanical Connectors
  • Suitable for EPR/XLPE and PVC cables
  • Range taking
  • Other voltages up to 36kV available on request
  • Suitable for TRIPLEX cable
  • 3 Core, Transition and Trifurcating kits available on request
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Sku Product Name Cable Diameter (mm) Core min. (mm) Core max. (mm²)

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Order unit
HKSJ-17.5/1x25-50mm Single core 17.5kV / 25-50mm² Ø 16.0 - 19.5 25 50 Order unit per piece
HKSJ-17.5/1x70-150mm Single core 17.5kV / 70-150mm² Ø 20.3 - 23.5 70 150 Order unit per piece
HKSJ-17.5/1x185-300mm Single core 17.5kV / 185-300mm² Ø 24.0 - 31.0 185 300 Order unit per piece
HKSJ-17.5/1x400-500mm Single core 17.5kV / 400-500mm² Ø 31.5 - 37.0 400 500 Order unit per piece
HKSJ-17.5/1x630mm Single core 17.5kV / 630mm² Ø 38.0 - 41.9 630 630 Order unit per piece