Kabeline 1611 epoxy resin

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Kabeline 1611 is a unfilled 2-component epoxy resin used in low voltage injection joints up to 4 kV.

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  • Excellent electrical and mechanical features
  • Suitable for all cable types, such as PVC, (XL) PE, PP and GPLK
  • Totally resistant against water, applicable under all circumstances (even on wet cables)
  • Optimal processability due to constant viscosity during mixing and injection
  • Approved in accordance with CDE 0291 and NEN 3602
  • Transparent bag allows visibility during mixing process
  • Resin and hardener always supplied in the right volumes
  • Resin which remains in the bag after mixing can be disposed of as normal waiste
PropertiesUnitValueStandard (DIN VDE 0291, part 2 / NEN 3602)
Potlife (process time) 5°Cminutes60As specified by manufacturer (+30%)
Potlife (process time) 23°Cminutes19As specified by manufacturer (+30%)
Potlife (process time) 35°Cminutes10As specified by manufacturer (+30%)
Gel-timeminutes32NEN 3602 / Annex A
Densityg/cm³1,107DIN 53479 / ISO 1675
Compression strengthN/mm²12> 8 N/mm² (DIN EN 20604)
HardnessShore D83> 70 (DIN 53505 / ISO 868)
Tensile strengthN/mm²55DIN EN ISO 527
Water absorption (24h/23°C)%0,12DIN 53495
Weight loss after thermal ageing (7d/120°C)%0,48NEN EN ISO 179 / NEN 3602 / Annex C
Electrical resistance (24h 50% RH 23°C)Ohm3,2 E + 13DIN 53482
Electrical resistance (24h in H2O 23°C)Ohm2,6 E + 13DIN 53482
Specific resistance (24h 50% RH 23°C)Ohm x cm1,4 E + 15DIN 53482
Tracking resistance KA 3cDIN 53480
Dielectric strengthkV/mm> 20DIN 53481
Flame point in open cup resin°C> 175> 55
Flame point in open cup hardener°C> 175> 55
Shrink during hardening%2,6< 6,5 (DIN 16945)
Impact resistancekJ/m²12,5> 6 (DIN 53454)
Shelf lifemonths18 
Hardening under waterml/gas3< 10 (point 13 VDE 0291-2)
Colour orange / red 
Mixing timeminutes2 
Raw materials unfilled epoxy resin 
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Download: Mixing instructions resin packs with injection pump

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