Cabinet base sealant - Virgin Media Spec

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2 component sealant used to seal the base & ducts in Virgin Media’s street cabinets.

For use in LV distribution cabinets, public lighting cabinets, cabinets for traffic control, and outdoor transformer station installations.

Filoform's cabinet base & duct sealing system has been tested and evaluated by Virgin Media and is suitable to use in their network.

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  • Easy to use and accurate filling process when pouring the resin
  • Seals the cable ducts against water & gas pressures
  • Prevents ingress of moisture, pests and the instrusion of weeds, roots and plants
  • Improves the climate inside the street cabinets and transformer stations
  • Decrease's interference of the equipment
  • Extends the life of the components
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Good flow properties
  • Self levelling characteristics
  • Good adhesion
  • Smooth and non-tacky surface
Properties Unit Value
Potlife (process time) 5°C minutes 30
Potlife (process time) 23°C minutes 10
Potlife (process time) 35°C minutes 7
Gel-time minutes 23
Viscosity (mixture) 25°C Pa.s ca. 3
Density g / cm³ 1.4
Hardness Shore D 52
Tensile strength N / mm² 4
Water absorption (30d/23°C) % < 1.0
Weight loss 28d/120°C % 0.8
Surface structure cured under water   no bubbles
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