Customer specific solutions

In addition to our standard product catalogue, Filoform develops customer specific solutions. Our modern and completely up to date R&D department in the Neatherlands has all the facilities necessary for developing and testing new products. The head of our R&D department is a highly experienced and creative individual who loves to interact with customers in order to understand expectations and to monitor their project’s progress. We structure your needs in a clear and transparent development plan that focuses on achieving both practical and efficient solutions.

Our R&D department is equipped with the latest 3D drawing software and has the capacity to present prototype designs rapidly. For additional production techniques, we work with a network of professional and specialized subcontractors. These subcontractors, together with Filoform, can supply state of the art components and half fabricated products. We have full access to techniques such as injection moulding, extrusion, casting and all other mechanical shaping techniques.

Products developed by Filoform are extensively tested in our laboratory and then in the field. Additional testing can be carried out by TNO, KEMA and other recognized testing institutes if required. Our production facilities are suitable for both big and small series. We have the capability to undertake all phases i.e. from development to prototype, prototype to small text series and from test series to series production.

Examples of customer specific products developed by Filoform

Cast resin for electronics and led lighting

Filoform has extensive experience in casting resin for :

  • Electronics
  • Led lighting for traffic management
  • Protecting sensors in industrial zones

Sealing systems

  • Duct sealing systems for a variety of energy and telecom cable ducts
  • Standardized feed through elements for sealing utility cables and pipes
  • Smart divisible seals for fibre optic ducts

Special resins

  • Resins for casting sensors and electronics in road surfaces
  • Connection and isolation technology
  • Road repair resins
Please contact us to find out what solutions we can develop for you.