Taped resin injection joint

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Universal application; the injection joints can be adjusted to any situation "on the spot", also for cable repairs. Connection-, branch-off joints and cable end joints can be made with just a limited number of basic components.

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Suitable for every connection

  • Only 6 basic components can make every type/size of joint
  • Optimum flexibility, independent of size and type of connector
  • Universally applicable, the Taped resin injection joint can be adapted to any situation, including repairs to damaged cable oversheets
  • Suitable for complicated cable connections and cables running horizontally or bended

Quick and easy to assemble

  • The wrapping gauze is used to create sufficient insulation distance between the conducting parts within the injection joint
  • Installation is just as quick as a cast resin joint, but with less preparation and you can close the ground right away
  • Resin can be applied on live cables, It is not necessary to wait for the resin to cure.
  • The resin is injected under pressure with the use of the injection pump
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Significant reduction of power failure

  • As the resin is filled "under pressure", possible air will be driven out of the cable connection, thus allowing no spots where water or moisture can enter into the joint on the longer term
  • Totally resistant against moisture, even when applied on wet cables.
  • Clear visibility of filling process
  • The strong mesh, in combination with the resin ensures a good mechanical protection over the entire length of the joint
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Environment and quality

  • Environmental friendly and economical; the compact dimensions of injection joints ensure a minimal use of resin and materials
  • Filoform produces and supplies all components in accordance with international standards and with the ISO 9001-2008 quality standard
  • The Filoform injection joints are approved in accordance with the standard DIN EN 50393 (VDE 0278-393):2006-11.
  • Total moisture resistance (HD 631-1), even when mounted on wet cables
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 Cost saving and logistic advantages

  • Low stock values
  • Saving of space in your warehouse and in your service vans
  • Always the correct materials available for all types of cable joints
  • Minimal use of resin thanks to the compact dimensions
More Information

Filoform is known for providing training and providing clear and straightforward assembly instructions.

Download: Mixing instruction resin packs

Download: Assembly instructions Taped resin injection joint

On-site training

During the training the following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Contributing to a reliable cable network
  • Taped resin injection joint
  • Video
  • Assembly instructions
  • Demonstration
  • Questions


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80394KUK Injection gun GN-E4 with ball bearing mechanism Order unit per piece
80467UK Wrap-around tape 38mm x 20m transparent Order unit 60 pcs/carton
910110 Wrap-around tape 50mm x 10m transparent Order unit 80 pcs/carton
910120 Wrap-around tape 50mm x 20m transparent Order unit 48 pcs/carton
204184 Filofill P2600 184ml Order unit 10 pcs/carton
204355 Filofill P2600 355ml Order unit 10 pcs/carton
204715 Filofill P2600 710ml Order unit 8 pcs/carton
80136UK Kabeline 1611 B-pack Order unit 10 pcs/carton
80137UK Kabeline 1611 C-pack Order unit 10 pcs/carton
910170 Branch-off seal universal Order unit 200 pcs/carton
80477UK Yellow gauze 38mm x 9m Order unit 100 pcs/carton
80482UK Wikkelgauze flex 10cm x 3,5m Order unit 100 pcs/carton
80479UK 3D gauze 50mm x 2.3m Order unit 75 pcs/carton
80381UK Injection nipple 6,1mm Order unit 10 pcs/bag
80535UK Injection valve 6,1mm Order unit 10 pcs/bag
80370UK Injection nipple 12,2mm Order unit 50 pcs/carton
80540UK Injection valve 12,2mm Order unit 10 pcs/bag
80534UK Core separator 22x8cm Order unit per piece
80533UK Separator strip 220x80mm Order unit per piece