Nitrex protection gloves

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Black Mamba Gloves have been deveopled in direct responce to customers' needs for a disposable glove that is tough enough to withstand the rigorous tasks their jobs demand.
Created specifially for industrial applications, these gloves are ideal for mixing resins and preparing cable joints where standard gloves just cant survive.

If your job requires tough resistance to chemicals, abrasion and tear resistance then Black mamba Gloves are for you..

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The Black Mamba is designed to be the toughest disposable glove on the market. Specifically constructed from a unique blend of nitrile, it is thicker and stronger than any other black nitrile glove on the market today.

Sizes available

Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large

Patented NITREX PolymerSuperior strength and tear resistance
Two-Ply Fusion StrengthOur unique process fuses an added polymer to facilitate ease of putting on and comfort
Chemical Protection3 times the chemicle resistance of latex vinyl
Made to grip, not to slipFully textured with Grip Rite finish, Black Mamba gloves provide the precise contact when tactile sensitivity is a must.

Chemicle Resistance Chart

Black mamba Gloves are resistant to a wide range of chemicals commonly found in the workplace, the chart below is intended to act as a guide to direct users to help maintain a safe working enviroment through the use of Black Mamba Gloves.

Because all working enviroments and circumstances differ from place to place, the below chart should be used for advisory purposes only.


ApplicationChemicalsLatex resistanceNitrile (Black Mamba)
AC Coil CleanerHrdrofluoric Acid 48%GoodGood
AntifreezeEthylene GlycolGoodVery Good
AutomotiveDiesal FuelNot recommendedVery Good
AutomotivePetrolNot recommendedVery Good
Battery AcidSulphuric AcidGoodGood
Carbolic AcidPhenolFairFair
Caustic PotashPotassium HydroxideVery GoodVery Good
Drain CleanerSodium HydroxideVery GoodVery Good
Freon11TrichlorofluoromethaneNot recommendedGood
Freon12DichlorodifluoromethaneNot recommendedGood
Freon21DichlorodifluoromethaneNot recommendedGood
Freon22ChlorodifluoromethaneNot recommendedGood
Muratic AcidHydrochloric AcidGoodGood
Oven CleanerSodium hydroxideVery GoodVery Good 
Please contact our technical department for a fuller version of the Chemical Resistance chart.
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