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FiloSlim LV cable jointing system

FiloSlim LV cable jointing system

FiloSlim LV - The smart cable joint system which insulates and protects your low voltage cable connections.

The components of this hybrid cable joint system are completely interchangeable. You can fill the cable joint with our tried and trusted injection pump or simply by hand.

The FiloSlim resin package comes with an integrated filling nipple. After mixing the resin, the package is placed on the injection valve and opened with a quarter turn. Once the cable joint is filled, remove the packaging with a reverse quarter turn. These simple actions ensure a clean and tidy joint without spillage.

Approved in accordance with NEN EN50393

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Product overview

Item number Description Order unit Qty
203355 FiloSlim resin P2662 355ml 10 pcs/carton
203710 FiloSlim resin P2662 710ml 8 pcs/carton
780550 FiloSlim injection valve 10 pcs/carton
80480UK FiloSlim 3D GAUZE ROLL 10cm x 1,8m 100 pcs/carton
910130 FiloSlim 3D spacer cloth 360mmx10m 1 pcs/carton
910140 FiloSlim 3D spacer cloth 600mmx10m 1 pcs/carton
910110 Wrap-around tape 50mm x 10m transparent 80 pcs/carton
80467UK Wrap-around tape 38mm x 20m transparent 60 pcs/carton
910120 Wrap-around tape 50mm x 20m transparent 48 pcs/carton
910170 Branch-off seal universal 200 pcs/carton